«Some say that gifted singers are born. I was not of them. Through a great desire to sing and a persistent search, I found the secret to activate the mechanisms of the voice. We all have the potential to sing, but some of us have not activated some parts of our voice. Once we know what it's not activated in your voice, I can give you the right exercise for your voice and you will feel the change in your voice immediately.»


First Mexican certified by Seth Riggs to teach the revolutionary technique Speech Level Singing™ (SLS).

He was a pioneer of this technique in Spain, Argentina and in his native country, Mexico, becoming an international reference and being able to work with the best vocal and artistic coaches from all over the world.

After 11 years of training in SLS and the highest level achieved within the certification program in Europe and America, Miguel then joins the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA) as a Mentor Teacher (maximum degree).


In 2021, he leaves IVA to focus on his new projects: The Platinum Voice Summit and Level-Up: Master Your Mix.

The Platinum Voice Summit is an international event with the best vocal coaches and singing teachers from around the world where different topics about the voice are presented: vocal technique, vocal style, vocal science, vocal effects, vocal improvisation, artistic identity , etc…

Together with his partner the wonderful vocal coach from Los Angeles, Katie Riggs, they have started the project Level-Up: Master Your Mix.

Miguel Manzo se ha ganado el sobrenombre de mago de la voz por su habilidad para detectar los problemas vocales y por su gran velocidad para corregirlos.

Debido a su vasto conocimiento y experiencia en el área de la pedagogía vocal, ha desarrollado las herramientas más precisas y eficaces para aportar al cantante soluciones efectivas que desarrollarán al máximo su potencial.

Miguel has worked as a vocal coach on different TV singing shows

in two different continents and few countries.

Also, with different major artists and amateur singers passionate about singing.

Miguel has studied at well recognized institutions, such as the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston and Vocaltech in London.

As a singer, he has led bands of different styles, from Metal to Rock / Pop / Latin. He has performed in Mexico, the US, and the UK, at venues such as the Berklee Performance Center.

He has been involved in international productions such as the “La Linea” festival in London, where artists such as Orishas, Pink Martini, Los Lobos, Ibrahim Ferrer, Lhasa de Sela, Omara Portuondo, Ojos witch, Rachid Tahad, among many others.

He has been the vocal technique coach at the TV show Operación Triunfo in Spain in 2008 & 2009 and in Argentina in 2009.

He was also a professor of vocal technique in the TV show La Academia 2011 in Mexico, where he was especially brought in as a special addition.

He has worked with artists and bands such as: Pablo López, Agoney, Vero Ferreiro, Alejandro Serrano, Norykko, Santaflow, Nacho del Río, Manuel Lombo, Diana Roig, Bernat Mestre, Fran Diago, Alex Escribano, Levi Díaz (Winner of La Voz Kids and representative of Spain in Junior Eurovision), David Parejo, Ruth Lorenzo, Virginia Labuat, Lara Bello, Salvador Beltrán, Carlos Baute, Dinero, among others...

Miguel teaches workshops, individual and group classes, consultations, vocal training sessions in studios, institutions and works with clients from the music industry online all over the world. In addition, he also constantly travels to countries such as United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay and Poland

Gracias al know-how que le aporta su sólida formación musical, su experiencia como músico profesional y su amplia mundología, Miguel se ha convertido en la solución para muchos artistas, que actualmente cuentan con sus guías y entrenamiento vocal. Algunos de los créditos de Miguel Manzo incluyen:

  • Certified Mentor Instructor en Institute for Vocal Advancement
  • Berklee College of Music
  • Certified Speech Level Singing™ Instructor
  • La Academia 2011 en México
  • Operación Triunfo España 2008 & 2009
  • Operación Triunfo Argentina 2009
  • Sony Music BMG
  • Vocaltech
  • Thames Valley University
  • London Music School
  • Universidad LaSalle de Cuernavaca

The method that Miguel Manzo uses conditions the muscles that control the vocal cords so that singing is as easy and natural as speaking. The result is a powerful and expressive voice but without sounding artificial or giving off too much effort, which only complicates the art of singing more.

Hundreds of renowned singers, Grammy award winners, actors and vocal coaches have been using it for more than half a century, allowing them to lead an intense singing career while always keeping their voice healthy and balanced. Miguel Manzo, pioneer and expert in this technique, offers the solution for each voice in particular, providing results from the first class.

VOICE ANALYSIS: We find how well or not the transition areas from one register to another are .

VOCAL ROUTINE: Based on different exercises and combinations of consonants, vowels and scales, a personalized routine is created in order to balance the voice.

Each voice is different and each voice will have some precise exercises to maximize it, making it healthier and more balanced.

Balancing your voice will give you:

  • Power to obtain strength and volume without much effort.
  • Dynamic control to sing any note, high or low, with the intensity you want.
  • Greater vocal range.
  • Endurance and longevity so you can sing for several hours at a time or long periods of time.
  • A connected tone. Make your singing voice sound like one fused voice: from low to high tones without having to switch to falsetto.
  • Stylistic freedom. We help develop the personality of the singer. Our technique works in a non invasive way with your style and does not make you sound in any classical or artificial way.